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Spotify Breakout Indie Artists You Should Follow!


Spotify Breakout Indie Artists Playlist

A great new playlist is developing with a new school of breakthrough talent on Spotify. The Spotify “Breakout Indie Artists You Should Follow!” Playlist really delivers the goods with top organic marketing for your music for $28 for 90 days! The focus of this playlist includes top results on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the search "Spotify Breakout Indie Artists You Should Follow", give the search a try yourself! ThreePeace a Michigan Influenced Reggae Rock group kicks the list off with their song “Lay My Life Down”, which describes the journey of love through life using the seasons as a metaphor for the journey. Reggae Rock with a Hip Hop vibe lyric all its own and a trippy guitar! These guys are Motown Michigan products with 7 albums on the rack!

ThreePeace Artist Page on Spotify - Follow Them Here!
Røverann shines on her Norwegian Pop Rock classic “La Vindene Danse”, which translates to “Let the Winds Dance.” Her great talent only further solidifies the fact that this playlist transcends language barriers and you just notice you’re listening to great music. Such is the case with the gifted Røverann with the music seductive and fresh with the beat of life! Røverann shines like a beautiful rainbow, the pride of Norway!

Røverann Artist Page on Spotify - Follow Her Here!
With a great Hip Hop Flavor is Herbie with his very fresh and awesome groove on “The Rush”, positive, optimistic, telling kids they are gifted, remember your choices, remember your spiritual forces, all of that came from the impressive jam featured on the track “The Rush”, much talent again and bringing positive vibes. Looking for much more from Herbie This Playlist is filled with different grooves from many talented artists including KU4REAL, Call Me Ace, RONIN, Love Ghost, Electric Guest, The Young Presidents, Dez Money, Brenoski Libertae, Ana Lete, Black, Blaise Ahnai Bay, Greta Van Fleet, Moon Dreams Music, Joselin, Diamonds and Whiskey, The Keymakers, The Spider Accomplice, The Naddiks - Josef Flumeri, Lauren Dagleish, Chelo el Rubulero, Cuatro Tres Dos, Leftee & The Right Wingers, Honey Beard, Billy, The Venom King, Alien Country, Juan Donovan, Danni Jackson, Jay Clark Band, Ivan Beecroft, Idiot Grins, Sam Levin, Post Death Soundtrack, Ajay Mathur, Agency, Andrew Reed, Major Moment, Luxon, Green Knuckle, Heavy Weights Brass Band, Eugene Grant, Tommie King, J'Moris, Ashlin Parker, Hotsteel, Todd Warner Moore, Moromo, Andy Michaels, Stunna Quad, Kaleigh, Sean Will, Pale Blue Dot and Joe Lastie! So many more check out the playlist Click The Link Belowl - UniversalMusic

If you would like to have your Spotify Music featured on The Spotify Breakout Indie Artists Playlist Click Here!